Back to School banner for 2021-2022

This plan was created by our Teaching & Learning, Educational Technology, and Operations Task Forces, in consultation with our Medical Task Force.

The plan is divided into three sections:

  1. Health, Hygiene & Risk Mitigation
  2. Academics, Enrichment & Student Experience
  3. FAQs

Our plans are in compliance with current Los Angeles County and City requirements, American Academy of Pediatrics guidance, and CDC guidelinesWe will regularly update this page as the school year progresses.

In addition to the Back to School Plan: 2021-2022 outlined below, the following protocols are also available for your review:

COVID-19 School Guidance Checklist (CDPH)   COVID-19 Prevention Program (OSHA and CDPH)  LACDPH Reopening Protocols   Exposure Management  SchoolPass Tutorials (Wellness Check)

Updated: September 19, 2021

Section 1: Health, Hygiene & Risk Mitigation

Campus Access & Health Screenings

Masks & Physical Distancing

Hand Washing, Sanitizing & Hygiene

Food Services

Campus Facilities

The School has taken great measures to not only mitigate the risk of illness, but also to create a physical campus that promotes the health and safety of our entire Laurence community.


COVID-19 Testing & Flu Shots

Feeling Sick & Health Office Protocols

Exposures: On-Campus Protocols, Testing, and Returning School

Laurence School follows the Exposure Management Plan set forth by the LA County Department of Public Health in their Appendix T2 guidance.

Travel Guidelines

Class, School Closure and Preparing for Interruptions