Board of Trustees

Laurence School is governed by a Board of Trustees. Historically, the Board has been comprised of parents, past parents, alumni, and friends of the school, with the majority of trustees consisting of current parents.

The Board establishes policies aligned with the School’s mission and works closely with the Head of School and Administration to ensure that these policies are implemented. The Board is not involved in the daily operations of the School or in admissions decisions.

The Board also sets the financial direction of the School's yearly operation, future development, and long term well-being. New trustees are elected by the Board and generally serve for a three-year term.

Standing committees of the Board include: Executive, Policies and Procedures, CAIS, Finance, Development, Global Garden, Trustees, Facilities, and Strategic Planning. Trustees serve on a volunteer basis without remuneration of any kind.

2023-24 Trustees

  • Michael Lifrak, Chair
  • P.J. Shapiro, Vice Chair
  • Jake Blumenthal, Treasurer
  • Julie Bowen, Secretary

  • Terrence Barnum
  • Louis Friedel
  • Alvin Galstian
  • Jeff Huberts
  • Chris Jones
  • Kerry Kennedy
  • Edgar Khalatian
  • Darrell Lane
  • Bobby Lee
  • Kelly Lynch
  • Stefanie Schwartz-Mendelsohn
  • Channing Power
  • Lana Safoian
  • Priscilla Sands
  • Steven Serratore
  • Sheila Vasan
  • Sharon Walter-Goldsmith
  • Jillian Weinstein
  • Denise Wong