Laurence receives the maximum accreditation. 

We are proud that in 2018, the California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) prepared a truly exemplary accreditation report. The report awarded Laurence the highest accreditation period of seven years and highlighted Laurence School's faculty, staff, Administration, Board of Trustees, philosophy, governance, finances, fundraising, curriculum, students, parent community, facilities, health, and safety. 

Specifically, the report commended Laurence on the following notable strengths:

  • “What stands out about Laurence’s strengths are the four P’s – its programs, people, passion and strong sense of purpose.”

  • “The students are engaged and happy because Laurence provides its students with a vast array of educational opportunities.”

  • “Because of the focus on strong connections and a 'family' culture, the students have a strong sense of self and confidence in their unique abilities. This is displayed through their confidence to perform for audiences, have in-depth discussions with teacher and peers, and through their interviews with visitors.”

  • “The school deepened its commitment to developing and enriching its Global Garden program, which empowers students to become global citizens by interacting with students in sister countries, learning about multiple perspectives, respecting similarities and differences, and developing diverse viewpoints.”

  • “The school further integrates technology into all areas of the academic program to support teaching and learning. The enhanced role of technology is evidenced in a STEAM program, featuring robotics, graphic design, coding/programming, a 1:1 laptop program in 3rd-6th grade, and a shared iPad program in kindergarten-6th grade.”

  • “There is a strong sense of community volunteerism, attention to character education, and a sense of celebration at the School. Kindness, empathy and a growth mindset are personal and moral philosophies emphasized throughout all aspects of the student experience.”

  • "The Laurence School is strong in advancement and stewardship, and this is exemplified by its 100% participation in trustees, administration, faculty, and staff and above 90% participation by its parent community. The school has cultivated a strong culture of giving, in its grandparent community as well. Laurence stewards giving and develops a culture of philanthropy by focusing on volunteerism and recognizes those who give service alongside those who give financial gifts."

We wish to express our wholehearted appreciation and sincere gratitude to the faculty, staff, Board of Trustees, Parent Association, and students for their invaluable role, dedication, and genuine collaboration in preparing for this most successful accreditation visit.

-The Laurence Administrative Team