We are proud that in 2011, the California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) prepared a truly exemplary accreditation report, highlighting Laurence School's faculty, staff, Administration, Board of Trustees, philosophy, governance, finances, fundraising, curriculum, students, parent community, facilities, health, and safety. More specifically, the CAIS/WASC Accreditation Team granted Laurence School major commendations in the following areas.

The CAIS/WASC Committee Commended:

  1. The Administration, faculty, staff, and Board of Trustees for preserving the school’s central focus on "The Total Child,” while incorporating evidence of a growing commitment to the global community, environmental sustainability, and technology.
  2. The Board of Trustees for its support of a major expansion of the campus since 2004, quadrupling the size of the property and allowing for the growth of the facility and the program.
  3. The Board of Trustees and the Administration for the intentional design and landscaping of the campus to inspire students, build community, and enhance learning.
  4. The Board of Trustees and the Administration for their creative vision and superb implementation of a campus expansion that includes various land purchases to provide space for new buildings, playing fields, a library, media center, technology center, additional classrooms, and gardens.
  5. The Co-founders for their visionary leadership in establishing a school whose mission addresses the needs of "The Total Child” and for cultivating in a new generation of educators the touching affection for and intimate knowledge of every Laurence child.
  6. The faculty and staff for their consummate professionalism, ingenuity, dynamism, creativity, dedication, and fervor in supporting the goals of Laurence School and in furthering the concept of the "Total Child."
  7. The students for Representing the "L," demonstrating kindness and caring for one another, and being proud ambassadors of the School.
  8. The students, faculty, and Administration for fostering a climate of mutual respect, trust, and support in their relationships with students.
  9. The Parent Association for organizing myriad volunteer activities every year to promote an inclusive community, to assist in raising funds for the school’s programs, and to further the goals of Laurence School.
  10. The Administration and the faculty for the direct alignment of the School’s philosophy with the consistent and transparent execution of methodologies and practices. This vision and loyalty to the mission provides the entire school community with a strong foundation for future decision making.

We wish to express our wholehearted appreciation and sincere gratitude to the faculty, staff, Board of Trustees, Parent Association, and students for their invaluable role, dedication, and genuine collaboration in preparing for this most successful accreditation visit.

-The Laurence Administrative Team