Character Education at Laurence is an important part of our curriculum. We always "Keep Kind in Mind."

Here's how...

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Photo of head of school Laurie Wolke giving a talk

My dad and Laurence's founder, Marvin Jacobson, always says that empathy is a key ingredient to a child's overall success in school and in life, and that, first and foremost, empathy comes from being empathized with. Studies indicate that empathy is also one of the most important traits for successful leadership, driving innovation, engagement and inclusivity.

Mrs. Rios and Dr. Kavanaugh in front of a mural.

As Laurence School’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Director and School Counselor, much of our work, simply put, centers around keeping kind in mind towards ourselves and others. This school year we are putting our DEI and social-emotional learning (SEL) heads together to facilitate “Kindness in Action” lessons at least once a month with every class.

BPN 7 - Indigenous Peoples Day

On October 11th, Eric Hogenson, Director of Grades 3-6 & STEAM Innovation K-6, helped us honor and celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Click on "Read More" to learn about our activities and lessons, as well as Mr. Hogenson's own connection to this important day.


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