Jacobson Legacy Scholarship


Laurence School puts a high value on equality and diversity, and your gifts to the Jacobson Legacy Scholarship Fund make a Laurence education possible for a wider range of families. We believe that by drawing from a more varied population, socially, culturally, and economically, our entire community benefits not only now, but for generations to come.


Q. Doesn't Laurence already provide scholarships and financial aid?

A. Yes it does. However, all financial aid is currently paid for out of the school's operating budget, which means that our ability to provide scholarships is dependent upon a wide variety of economic circumstances. The goal of this fund is to grow its principal to the point where it can be converted into an endowment fund that is self-supporting.

Q. How long will it take for the fund to become self-supporting?

A. The amount of time it will take for the principal in this fund to earn enough income to pay for scholarships depends upon how quickly donations to this fund build up the principal. In the meantime, all contributions to the Jacobson Legacy Scholarship Fund are invested and earmarked for the future purpose of becoming an endowment.

Donor Roll

Karen and Kristopher Ahrend
Kym Bye and Dan Appel
Tamara and Peter Ashjian
Michele Atlan
Nancy and Narb Avedissian
Heather and Michael Baiardi
Sharon and Shaun Barber
Holly Bario
Fiona Kelly and John Barreiro
Mary and Anthony Basich
Samantha Slaven-Bick and Stewart Bick
Kara Nortman and Jake Blumenthal
Kelly and Jonathan Bock
Wendy Sankey and David Boice
Simran Baidwan and Vincent Bonotto
Lesley Boone Teng
Lauren and Ryan Born
Amy and Corey Bronson
Lauren Bruns
Ritika and Varun Budhiraja
Donna Tetreault and Andrew Bunnin
Beth and Steve Callaghan
Natalie and Rafael Carbunaru
Risa and Brandon Chapnick
Liz Shatner Clement and Andrew Clement
Gina and R.J. Cruz
Lorraine and Bill Dahlinger
Clare and Mitchell Davis
Meredith Davis-Williams
Shannon and Paul Derby
Julie Desjardins
Lori DeWolfe
Kandice and Jonas Dolkart
Erin and Scott Dolkart
Allison and Chris Donovan
Raina and Henri Dragonas
Christine Eaves
Alexandra and Scott Ehrlich
Jesus Elias
Paul & Vicki Ellis
Anne-Marie and Adam Esser
Leah Corselli-Felisan and Stephen Felisan
Heather and Bill Frank
Andrea and Doug Frank
Adam and Amy Friedman
Li and Toby Gad
Juli and Jim Gallagher
Dana and David Garfin
Kari and Ralph Garman
Ann and Steve Garrett
Michelle and Scott Gertz
Kelly and John Gibson
Girl Scouts of America
Kerry Kennedy and Brad Goldberg
Shari and Michael Goodrich
Amy and Jeffrey Gorin
Catriona and Mark-Paul Gosselaar
Annie Goto
K.C. Reischerl and David Grant
Allison Smith Grimmett and Randy Grimmett
Peter and Tara Guber
Barb and Randy Held
Jamie and Greg Holden
Carol Yeo and Yeu Hong
Esra and Brian Hudson
AmyMcClune and Paul Iannicelli
Elizabeth and Jeff Ingold
Lynn and Marvin Jacobson
Lacey Kahane
Nathan Kahane
Jennifer Kaplan
Beth and Mark Kaplan
Leslie and Bob Kaplan
Amanda and Craig Katz
Michelle and Kevin Kim
Amy and Kaz Kimura
Molly and Brian Kirk
Anabel and John Konwiser
Sue and Steve Kroopnick
Michele and Marc Lakier
Rachael MacFarlane and Spencer Laudiero
Yvonne and Jason Lee
Jennifer and Danny Lerner
Jennifer and David Lerner
Yoorie Lu
Divya and Vijay Madupalli
Tae and Patrick Maguire
Sarah Greenberg Makurath and Todd Makurath
Amy Ortner and David Mandell
Perri and Jeff Melnick
Amy and Carlos Mencia
Terry and Sean Mitchell
Michelle J. Morris
Roxann and Julian Mosley
Nanda and Raman Muthusamy
Stephanie and Gregory Nortman
Mia and Roger Novack
Marie Palmeri
Molly and Ray Panepinto
Julie Bowen and Scott Phillips
Rochelle and Greg Poland
Emily Roth Pont and Guillermo Pont
Valerie and Paul Presburger
Joyce Prescott
Marina Berti and Stephen Prough
Jessica and Sam Puathasnanon
Andrew Rakos
Vicki and Bernard Redmond
Anita and Michael Rice
Alexis and Bill Richards
Lisa Shannon and Peter Rieveschl
Lisa and Tony Robinson
Jenny and Trevor Roth
Steffi and Ricci Rukavina
Michelle and Scott Sangster
Steve Serratore
Sarah Afsharrokh-Shahmiri and Shawn Shahmiri
Jonathan Shapiro
Lisa and P.J. Shapiro
Melissa and Sohail Shayfer
Jacquelyn Rosati and Eric Sherman
Susan and Wayne Sherman
Liz Silverman
Mandy and Matthew Smith
Chia Chiang and Brent Sokol
Michelle Mirchandani and Mark Soper
Kelly and Larry Spinks
Erin and Paul Stanley
Jennifer Bott and Burr Steers
Michelle Logan-Stern and Gary Stern
Julie and Tom Stillwell
Sandy Stone
Stacey and Lawrence Tanenbaum
Lainie and Michael Tarter
Suzanne Topalian
Elise Doganieri and Bertram van Munster
Rebekah Wagner
Felicia and Andy Waldman
Sharon Walter-Goldsmith and Lee Goldsmith
The Watson Family
Cindy and Robert Wexler
Michelle and Wellesley Wild
Jeremy Williams
Laurie and Michael Wolke
Crockett and Joanna Woodruff
Dina Morishita and Wellington Yang
Lainie Handelman-Zuckerman and Jay Zuckerman

We make every effort to be accurate, however, if you believe you see any mistake on this list, please contact the Development Office at 818-782-4001.

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