Awards and Achievements

Laurence students shine inside the classroom and out. Read on to learn about some of the hard-earned awards and achievements our children have earned.

Math Olympiads

Linwood Howe Math Olympiad Tournament

Five of our Math Club Mathletes competed in the Linwood Howe Math Olympiad Tournament in March 2016: Ethan S., Konnie D., Zachary F., Alex S., and Brendan H-H.  They competed against fourth and fifth graders from over twenty schools from throughout Los Angeles. We are incredibly proud of how our students' dedication to working on very challenging math problems in both individual and team rounds.  We are pleased to announce that Konnie D. took third place in the individual round, Ethan S. took first place, and our team won the tiebreaker round putting them in second place overall.


AMC 8 Math Competition


A big congratulations goes out to recent graduates, Strauss C., Charlie K., and DJ L., for their successful participation in the prestigious, national American Mathematics Competition—the AMC 8.

Strauss C. received multiple honors—a certificate for placing gold (in first place) among his participating sixth grade class, a pin for placing first at Laurence School, an honor roll certificate for placing in the top 5% of all students who took the test nationally, and a certificate of achievement for scoring 15/25 or higher. Wow!

Kudos also to Charlie K., who received a silver certificate for placing second among his participating sixth grade class, as well as a certificate of achievement for scoring 15/25 or higher.

Last but not least, we congratulate DJ L. for his bronze certificate for placing third among his participating sixth grade class.

WordMasters Challenge


2015-2016: Both our fourth and fifth grade teams won high honors in the recent WordMasters Challenge. The WordMasters Challenge is a national language arts competition, where students are given a list of challenging words and definitions, and then are challenged to use these words to complete analogies and enhance their critical thinking skills.

Laurence’s fourth grade team placed third in the nation out of 328 teams, scoring 191 out of a possible 200 points. The fifth grade team placed a fantastic first in the nation out of 350 teams, scoring 194 out of a possible 200. What an amazing feat!
Fourth graders Meghan D., Sabrina S., Aidan G., and Sammy S. earned perfect scores (20/20) in their meet, which was achieved by only 50 fourth graders out of approximately 19,000 participating! Fifth graders Eliza B., Shayna, B., Baxter C., and Grace H. earned perfect scores (20/20) in their meet, which was achieved by only 52 fifth graders out of approximately 21,000 participating students.

2014-2015:   Several students and the fourth and fifth grade teams representing Laurence School recently won highest honors in the WordMasters Challenge. The WordMasters Challenge is a national language arts competition consisting of three separate meets held at intervals during the school year. The WordMasters Challenge is an exercise in critical thinking. The children are given a list of 25 challenging words to learn for each meet (considerably higher than grade level). Students learn the definitions of these words and then are challenged to use the words to complete analogies, enhancing their critical thinking skills by learning how to think both analytically and metaphorically.

The fourth grade tied for fourth place in the nation, among 352 school teams (20,000 children) competing at this grade level and in this division! Like the fourth grade, the fifth grade came in a terrific fourth. Laurence is the ONLY school from third grade through sixth grade to have two grade levels place in the top ten. This is an extraordinary achievement.

Four students won highest honors for individual achievement. Fourth graders Georgia G. and Baxter C. earned perfect scores (20/20) in their meet for their grade level while only 100 fourth graders out of 20,000 participating students achieved this result. In addition, Beck W. and Theo M. earned a perfect 20/20, two of the SIXTEEN students who earned a perfect score out of 21,000 participating. Clearly earning a perfect score is an amazing accomplishment.

All of the children in both the fourth and fifth grade worked diligently to learn the definitions of the words and to become adept at solving analogies, helping their teams to place in the top ten. Congratulations to these students who worked so hard to achieve this remarkable result. They are all, indeed, Word Masters!

2013-2014:   Laurence School has once again placed in the top ten of the fourth and fifth grade teams across the nation.  Not only did they place, but fourth graders took FIRST place out of 411 teams!  The fifth graders ranked a wonderful 4th place out of 417 teams.  Needless to say, both teachers and students are ecstatic about the results!  It should also be mentioned that Laurence School is the only school to place in both grade levels. Worthy of note is that three fourth graders and one fifth grader earned a perfect 20 out of 20.  To put this amazing feat in perspective is that only 50 fourth graders earned a perfect score out of 16,500 students, and only 29 fifth graders earned a perfect score out of 17,000 students.  This is quite remarkable!  We applaud all students and teachers in fourth and fifth grade for putting such incredible effort into making the teams the best they could be.

2012-2013: Both the fourth and fifth grades placed in the top ten in the third WordMasters Challenge of the 2012-2013 school year. Out of 18,000 participants and 486 teams, the fifth grade placed an outstanding second in the nation! Meanwhile, the fourth grade placed ninth among 473 teams. 

No other school had two grade levels place in the top ten! Also impressive - a total of 20 combined fourth and fifth graders earned the fabulous score of 19/20, and only 246 other students nationally earned this same distinction.


We are also truly delighted to announce that Laurence School’s fifth grade class tied for second place in the nation in WordMasters' analogy meet #1 for 2012-2013. Our students competed against 373 other teams and 17,960 other like-aged children to win this very impressive honor.

Also impressive was our fourth grade's showing in the competition. They tied for eighth place in the nation among 300 school teams and 17,500 children competing at this level and division. Moreover, several students achieved perfect or near-perfect scores on the test. Congratulations to Riley S. and Courtney S., as well as to Olivia P., Avery G., Jack L., Kyle R., Riley B., Claire S., Adeline G., Tanisha G., and Emery G. Fifth graders, True B., Carli C., Ava S., Eric S., Sierra S., Zoey C., Nicole G., Tenley G., and Alexander S. also deserve a round of applause.  


2011-2012: The 2011-2012 fifth grade classes finished fourth overall in the nation on WordMasters' End-of-Year Results! WordMasters is a national analogy competition, entered by approximately 220,000 students, annually. The fifth graders garnered this title by taking highest honors on the February and December 2012 WordMasters Challenges, on which they placed sixth in the nation. Remarkably, they beat out 700 other teams twice to earn this impressive honor—wow!

Gaining recognition for obtaining a perfect score of 20/20 three times in a row was current sixth grader, Dominique C.! Others who attained perfect marks at least once were: Brody B., Dominique C., Max E., Jordan G., Kelly G., Sammie H. Samantha M., and Will P.  Also scoring impressively with 19/20 were: Jared B., Olivia D., Chris G., Jacob G., Delaney G., Megan G., Chayson G., Salome H., Skylar M., Daniel N., India O., Katie S., Emma B., Luke M., Josh R., Lily R., and Ben T.

The fourth grade teachers should also be recognized for helping their students achieve greatness. This was especially true for their work with now fifth grader, Sierra S., who scored 19/20 on one of the challenges in 2012. 

Kudos to the fourth and fifth grade teams for preparing our students for success on the WordMasters Challenge and to the students themselves for studying diligently and mastering the art of analogies!


Johns Hopkins Gifted and Talented Youth


Over 84% of incoming fifth and sixth grade students receive a nationally-normed score of 96% or higher on the math and/or verbal section of the ERB test, which qualifies them for the Talent Search exam, sponsored by Johns Hopkins University - the School and College Ability Test (SCAT)

Congratulations, Laurence students! 

Poets Who Know It!




We are proud to announce that 20 Laurence students had haiku poems published in Skipping Stones, a national multicultural literary magazine. The poems were selected as part of the 2016 Asian Celebration Haiku Contest in the July – Sept. 2016 issue.
Congratulations to the following Laurence poets:

Second graders:  Teddy B., Aubrey C., Yann H., Jocelyn M. (three poems published), Eli S., and Ruby S.
Fourth graders:  Meghan D., Ava G., Evan K., Brady R., and Sierra S.
Sixth graders: Sofia B., Emily C., Michael G., Milla H., Amanda K., Thomas P., Zoey R., Matthew T., and Beck W.


Congratulations to sixth grader Lea P. who is a “Top Ten Winner” in the Spring 2015 edition of the “A Celebration of Poets” anthology ( Panels of educators viewed entries from thousands of students from across the country to select the top submissions for publication in this anthology. The top winners in each division receive a monetary award and a free book that includes their published poem.

Here is Lea's winning entry:

Scraped by rusty blades
Tap, toe, step, glide
Scuffed by white boots
Spiral spin
Crushed by jagged metal
Long thin lines
Etched in by clear
Intentions broken up
By jumps and
Music, giving instruction
Spraying snow with a stop
Smoothed by new beginnings
Ready to take someone far
Cold creeping
Through tights
Boxed in by walls
And boots eager to glide

Seventeen other Laurence students also appear in the same issue. Congratulations to the following fifth graders: Mighty B., Sascha B., Estella F., Brendan H., Grace H., Maya N., Sam P., Dylan S., Alison S., Fiona S., and Jenna Z.; and the following sixth graders: Olivia F., Andrew H., Amanda K., Tallulah M., Zoey R., and Alden S.

We are proud to announce that recent Laurence graduate Quinn C. was recently honored as a “Noteworthy Youth Honor Awards Entry” in Skipping Stones magazine for his poem “Sunset.”  The poem appears in current Oct. – Dec. 2015 issue of the national multicultural literary magazine.  His poem below was selected for its creativity and promotion of nature awareness among thousands of entries:

By Quinn C.
The night seeps into the sky above
Like a droplet of black ink into the ocean
Every last drop of color
Exits the sky
Darkness corrupts
But during its last few moments
Something beautiful
In other exciting publishing news, 30 Laurence students were also featured in the 2015 Asian Celebration Haiku Times as “Noteworthy Entries” in Skipping Stones’ July – Sept 2015 issue. Congratulations to the following recent sixth graders who had their haiku poems published: Adeline G., Grant K., Tanisha G., Destiny G., Lexie B., Chloe S., Ryan M., Quinn C., Olivia P., Emery G., Cameron S., Jake P., Nick S., Claire S., Laina B., Kyle R., Ethan Z.
The following current fifth grade students are also published in same issue:  Grace H., Logan M., Kyle R., Cora B., Peter B., Alison S., Ethan S., Sascha B., Alex S., Riley G., Baxter C. and Chloe A.

Nine Laurence students had their poems selected for publication in the 2013 edition of the Anthology of Poetry, including fourth graders: Maggie F., Destiny G., Ethan Z., Mica P., Katelyn W., Chloe S., Lowell B., and Lucy I.

Skipping Stones magazine also honored our students. The magazine, which ties in nicely with the School’s global and garden themes, as it honors creative work that promotes cultural diversity, nature, and/or ecological sensitivity, published poetry and artwork by fourth graders Destiny G., Lowell B., Chloe S., Marley Y., and Mica P., as well as by third grader Tallulah M. and first grader Alison S.

In the anthology A Celebration of Poets: K-6 West Division Fall 2012, the following 17 students were honored: second graders Chloe A., Mighty B., and Sascha B., fourth graders Lowell B., Laina B., Maggie F., Destiny G., Lucy I., Mica Pessin, Olivia P., Spencer S., Chloe S., Katelyn W., and Ethan Z., fifth graders Alexander S. and Sierra S., and sixth grader Delaney G.

To qualify for this distinction, panels of educators viewed student entries to select the top submissions for publication. As Laurence students are encouraged to think creatively as well as critically, it should come as no surprise that many of them were chosen to represent the very best in student poetry.  

Amazing Artists

We are proud to announce that sixth graders, Haley B. and Francis D and fifth graders, Mercedes D. and Emma P. were selected to exhibit their original artwork at the First Annual Harvard-Westlake Spring Art Invitational in 2013.

Orange County Math Circle Thanksgiving Tournament

Congratulations are in order for Laurence School’s Fifth/Sixth Grade Math Club!  Six of our members, Ethan S., Konnie D., Georgia G., Grace H., Brendan H-H., and Olivia F., participated in the OCMC math tournament on Saturday, November 7th.  They competed in grade levels against 200 students from all over Southern California in both individual and group rounds, working to solve many very complicated math problems.  Our fifth graders won first place in the team round, and Ethan S. won first place, and Konnie D. won second place in the individual round for fifth grade.  Congratulations to all six participants! 

Our Laurence Math Club participated in the 2014 Orange County Math Circle Thanksgiving Tournament, where 11 Laurence students worked diligently solving extremely challenging math problems — first individually and then in groups. Our students truly Represented the “L” with Konnie D. taking fourth place, Hayden S. taking third place, and Ethan S. earning first place in the fourth grade division.  

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