Enrichment: The Arts & Beyond


Curiosity & Exploration

Our students have many opportunities to explore their curiosities and discover new talents during their years at Laurence School. Both during the school day and as part of our after school program, students engage in their lessons through field trips, try different methods of creating art, singing, dance, play chess, cook, learn about science and nature through our Edible Garden, and more.

We believe that when you provide children with many different ways of learning and engaging with their subjects and interests, children develop a love of learning and the courage to try new experiences - both of which are important goals at Laurence.

To learn more about or innovative and enrichment programs, please click here and take a look through the highlights below.

Enrichment Program Highlights



Fifth grade students spend two days at AstroCamp, where they participate in science enrichment programming, as well as in outdoor educational experiences.

School Musical & Play


Each year, students in our upper grades have the chance to act and sing in our school musical. Above is a photograph from the spring 2015 production of Beauty and the Beast. Students also have the opportunity to work with our faculty production designer on the sets and costumes.


Students in our lower grades interested in acting have the chance to participate in our annual school play. The spring 2015 production was Charlotte's Web, and as you can see, our students really embodied their parts!

Glee Club


Our Glee Club had a blast performing for the crowd at the 2015 Toluca Lake Holiday Open House.

Visual Arts


Students all participate in the visual arts at Laurence during the school day, and for those who are so inclined, there are many after school classes offered throughout the school year, including sculpture and multi-media art.

Edible Garden


Our Edible Garden provides students an opportunity to engage with their science classes and learn about the environment. It is also the setting for one of the most loved days of the Laurence school year - Planting Day, when students celebrate fall by pairing up with their buddies to plant the garden for the year. They also spend time together in the science lab and enjoy home-baked treat from parents.

Kids' Court


Everyone at Laurence looks forward to being a sixth grader and one of the reasons is our award-winning Kids' Court, developed by Head of School, Laurie Wolke, J.D. Sixth grade students learn about the legal system by putting fairy tale characters on trial, taking on roles as prosecutors, defense lawyers, witnesses, and the accused. They enjoy making the characters their own and putting a new spin on old tales. Students in the lower grades serve as student juries, discussing the merits of the case with Mrs. Wolke before deciding on a verdict. Above is a picture from last the 2015 trial of: The County of Geneva v. Dr. Frank N. Stein.



Laurence students have the opportunity to learn violin in Kindergarten, and afterwards may participate in our beginning strings class, where they can continue with the violin or learn cello. Beginning in fall 2015, we launched at partnership with the prestigious Colburn School, which partners with Laurence School to provide our orchestra enrichment classes.

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