Character Education


Represent the "L"

Represent the "L" stands for lessons in life, learning, and leadership that Laurence students learn through our Character Education program, which includes service learning, and strives to grow our students' empathy level and concern for others. This program is integral to Laurence's educational philosophy, which is why it is integrated throughout the curriculum.

Our program stresses the importance of being a positive member of the community and taking action to help others. Through teaching and modeling generosity, responsibility, and kindness, we shape good students into good citizens, who Represent the "L” by acting as leaders and ambassadors for the School.

Service Learning: Character Education in Practice

Laurence students practice making a difference through our Buddy program, in which older students mentor younger ones through meaningful, social activities. Our students also build compassion through service learning - meaning that they spearhead projects at each grade level that help give back to the community.

Laurence students also practice respecting others in our weekly, song-filled Red, White, Blue & Green Assemblies, which provide an opportunity for community-building, birthday celebrations, and publicly recognizing students who have helped those in need with a "Making A Difference" award. Additionally, the children learn acceptance and tolerance through morning classroom meetings, connecting with one another each morning, discussing their feelings in a safe environment, and setting a positive tone for the school day.

Service Learning Projects

Kindergarten students collecting toys for students who attend the
Lowman School, which educates severely disabled children.

School-Wide: Making weekly donations to the Interfaith Food Pantry and participating in Big Sunday and Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF.

Kindergarten: Running the Toy Drive for Lowman School; adopting a manatee.

First Grade: Aiding the fifth grade in collecting and assembling gift bags full of crafts, books and activities for patients of UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital.

Second Grade: Visiting the Jewish Home for the Aging, where they perform Brotherhood songs and write cards to the residents.

Third Grade: Collecting Halloween costumes for the Boys & Girls Club of San Fernando Valley.

Fourth Grade: Running the school-wide recycling program—including collecting cans and plastic bottles at carpool, taking them to the recycling center, and using the money to sustain the school's recycling program and to support an environmental cause of their choosing.

Fifth Grade: Running a Global Farmers' Market at Open House; donating Thanksgiving foods to families at the LA Transition House, and assembling and decorating craft bags for sick children at the UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital.

Sixth Grade: Running the Turkey Drive for Lowman School.

Student Government: Running the "Buck-a-Bagel" drive to raise money for important causes including: Lowman School, L.A. Family Housing, Interfaith Food Pantry, and the Boys & Girls Club of San Fernando Valley.

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