World Languages

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World Language Program

Kindergarten - Sixth Grade

It is our philosophy that Spanish education is much more than vocabulary study and grammar retention, which is why, from kindergarten through sixth grade, Laurence students enjoy conversing in Spanish with their teachers and peers as part of their education.

Here, we believe that learning a second language also means learning about other cultures' ideas, customs, songs, dances, crafts, and cuisine. Students complete projects that relate to Mexican, Spanish, and Latin American cultures and keep their own Spanish journals. They read a variety of Spanish stories and use SMART Boards to bring the language to their fingertips in an interactive, creative, and fun way.

In the sixth grade, students participate in our 'Taste of Language' program, in which they take brief, introductory courses in Mandarin. In learning the basic elements of these languages and cultures, students are better equipped to decide which language to study further in secondary schools.

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