Welcome to the Jacobson Library and Media Center!

Our beloved library is one of the central features of Laurence School. The well rounded collection inspires our students to develop an appreciation of books, while at the same time, our databases and the digital literacy skills taught encourage them to explore beyond the library’s four walls. Our library program strives to nurture students’ love of reading, and inspire them to become life-long learners of the world around them.

Students attend library classes once a week and whenever a special project requires more time. During classes, the children are given an opportunity to check out books, listen to stories, and participate in lessons on researching, or creating an art project associated with literature.

Library Catalog

Click here to access our library catalog and resources.

Birthday Book

The Laurence Library Birthday Book Program is a fantastic way to celebrate your child’s birthday in a meaningful way and help our library collection continue to grow. Click here to fill out the form for your child's birthday book.

Visiting Authors

Each year, we bring fabulous authors to our school to present to the children about their creative process, their books, and their experiences as professional writers. In the past, we have hosted such well-known authors as Cornelia Funke and Lionel Wigram, Stuart Gibbs, Michael Buckley, and Pseudonymous Bosch. Their presence always creates a buzz around campus and sparks our students’ interest in reading and writing to boot!

Mr. J's Book Club

Joining Mr. Jacobson’s Book Club encourages our students to read over the summer. Prior to vacation, grade-level summer reading list suggestions will be introduced to the students. Over the break the students are encouraged to enjoy books from the lists and beyond! When the children return to school in the fall, those who have opted to read for pleasure are invited to join Mr. Jacobson in the book club! The opportunity to share some of the splendid books they read with “Mr. J.” and with each other is truly memorable. The cherry on top is the ice cream social they are treated to after swapping interesting plot points and favorite characters.

Interesting Websites

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