Global Education

First grade students study China, including learning Chinese stories and making Chinese-inspired art.
First grade students study China, including
learning Chinese stories and making
Chinese-inspired art.

Around the World in Six Grades

Our Global Education program received high commendations from the CAIS/WASC Accreditation Team for providing a rich, creative, innovative, and meaningful educational experience for Laurence students and families. By the time our students graduate, they have virtually traveled around the globe, from Mexico to England to Israel to Egypt to Kenya.

Meaningful Communication with Sister Schools

Each grade is paired up to a sister school in the United States, China, Japan, England, Mexico, Kenya, Liberia, India, or Israel, and the School’s Jacobson Media Library is decorated to highlight a different country every other month, with presentations offering insights to the entire Laurence community.

Through continuous collaboration and communication with sister schools, our children meaningfully connect with like-aged peers or "global buddies." They begin conversations through mailed and scanned letters, videos, e-mails, and Skype, and these unique child-to-child chats help them discover what sets them apart and makes them unique.

Integrated Curriculum

Second grade
Second grade students study Japan, including
learning about daily life by exchanging letters
with Japanese students and studying
traditional Japanese artwork.

In the classroom, teachers integrate their sister country’s history and culture into various parts of the curriculum, embedding global context into social studies, art, music, drama, literature, history, language arts, and even math.

Community service projects are aimed across oceans, as students help to build water wells in Africa and protect endangered species in China. Throughout the year, school assemblies showcase speakers and performers from across the globe, and visitors from sister schools have even traveled to Los Angeles to give students a visceral sense of the cultures they have studied, bringing the pages of textbooks to life.

Multicultural Perspectives

At Laurence, our Global Education curriculum is really a testament to our visionary founders and to their long-standing commitment to humanism, outreach, and connecting with others, both near and far. They believed, as they still do, in the importance of giving students a broader perspective of the globe and making them aware that the world is bigger than just themselves. At the same time, they wanted children to understand that the world is accessible. In today's climate especially, as our world becomes progressively more flat and as communication can no longer be defined by geographical proximity or physical distance, it is absolutely necessary that we bridge connections and forge friendships across borders.

As we reach out to far-away people and countries, we also work to pull them in. We are proud to offer intercultural experience to our students as a hallmark of our program, including:

Thai artwork
A Laurence parent whose family is from
Thailand gave a Library Presentation to
students and brought Thai artwork for display
in our Library last year.
  • Library presentations by Laurence parents and grandparents about their own cultural histories, including examining artifacts, eating traditional foods.

  • A visit from a Maasai Warrior from Kenya.

  • Documenting their own travels and sharing their experiences with their peers by creating cultural travel guides.

  • Multicultural performances at RWB&G assemblies by a variety of dance troupes and musicians.

  • The Global Faire, a culmination of our global program, which gives students an opportunity to display the work they have done throughout the school year, such as letters to their sister school pen pals, artwork inspired by their sister countries' cultures, and try new foods at our Global feast with international cuisine provided by many of our parents.
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