Environmental Education

Laurence School’s lush, green campus is adorned with a wide variety of unique and beautiful plant life that represents various ecosystems, including the desert, mountains, and rainforest. Tucked away in the corner of campus, our inviting Edible Garden is in full bloom. Students and parent volunteers develop their green thumbs here and keep the area vibrant.

Our gardening program includes a fall Planting Day, when students are given the opportunity to connect with nature as they plant a variety of edible herbs and vegetables, while engaging in science-related hands-on learning centers. Upper grade students assume the responsibility of organizing and coordinating the day's activities.

As an important facet of the science curriculum, students regularly visit our gardens and ecosystems throughout the school year, nurture the herbs and vegetables they've planted, and utilize the gardens' resources. Ultimately, they harvest the vegetables and create a rich array of products from the harvest. This cycle of life culminates in a full-fledged Farmers’ Market on campus, where fifth grade students sell the “fruits (and vegetables) of their labor” during our spring Open House. The proceeds from the Farmers’ Market are donated to help sustain the School’s gardens and ecosystems.

Our fourth grade children further add to our environmental education program by leading our School's recycling efforts and then donating the year's proceeds to a charitable organization of their choosing, as well as back to the School to keep the program running. Composting also takes place on campus, year round.

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