Our Athletics Philosophy

At Laurence School, we place a premium on staying physically fit and developing healthy eating habits. That's why, Laurence:

  • Holds physical education classes daily
  • Invites our parents to exercise with us every Wednesday morning for Represent the "L"aps
  • Offers an extensive line-up of interscholastic sports for fourth through sixth grade students
  • Teaches the importance of sound nutritional practices in combination with an active lifestyle with collaboration between our science teachers and P.E. team.

Program Overview

Physical Education
: In kindergarten through second grade our program focuses developing students’ basic motor skills and building teamwork. In grades three through six, students begin to learn more about movement, mechanics, proper technique, and developing a healthy lifestyle.

Read more about our physical education program by clicking here.

Interscholastic Sports: Our program fosters sportsmanship, teamwork, and an appreciation for athletics. Our interscholastic sports program begins in fourth grade and our Laurence Lightning teams include: boys' flag football, basketball, baseball, and soccer and girls' soccer, basketball, and volleyball.

Read more about our interscholastic sports program by clicking here.

Photo Gallery

Click here or on the images below to view some of our sports photos.

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