“...Let the children be their own composers...” – Carl Orff

Music is a vital and exciting part of our society, our humanity, and, therefore, Laurence School’s educational program. Using the vehicles of singing, movement, and playing, students at Laurence School are engaged as listeners and creative participants. All students participate in performances at Laurence School in varying levels, with opportunities to perform during assemblies, grade-level performances, and all-school concerts. In addition to embracing traditional elements of music, our curriculum also explores music technology, audio recording, and contemporary musical styles.

K-3 Music Curriculum

Our kindergarten through third grade students attend music class several times per week. The study of Orff instruments begins in kindergarten through exploring xylophones, drums, percussion instruments, and the exciting new addition of pitched instrument tubes called Boomwhackers. First through third grade students will continue studying and composing on Orff instruments including unpitched percussion instruments, xylophones, metallaphones, glockenspiels and Ukuleles. Our third grade students will also be experiencing recorder lessons while enhancing ear training and musical literacy.

4-6 Music Curriculum

Fourth through sixth grade students receive weekly music instruction, during which time they learn to read, perform, write, and record music. They study vocal technique, performance skills, and expand their knowledge of Orff and percussion instruments through in-class ensembles. Fifth and sixth graders extend this creativity by composing original musical works, complete with instrumentation and audio recordings.

Skills-Based Curriculum

All Laurence students learn musical notation, rhythm, improvisation, composition, and music-specific vocabulary. A strong emphasis is placed on vocal exploration and the ability to identify and create sound in a musical way. Through studying various musical genres and styles, students gain a deep music appreciation and are guided to become appreciative listeners.

Integrated Curriculum

Music is an incredible pathway for learning each and every subject. In collaboration with classroom teachers, our music specialist reinforces student’s content knowledge through music. Each grade hosts an all-encompassing musical showcase, featuring their in-depth study of a sister country. Students from all grade levels learn the music, movement, language, and culture of their specific sister country, including: the United States, China, Japan, England, Australia, Mexico, Liberia, Israel, and India.  Their experience culminates in a Brotherhood Performance—a wonderful and integrated celebration of family, friends, the holiday season, and our global connections—led by our performing arts team.

Character Curriculum

As collaborative music-makers through Orff methodologies, students are exposed to instruments from all around the world, building awareness and understanding of other cultures. Through actively participating in musical expression, students grow their listening and communication skills. Furthermore, they learn to appreciate personal expression through musical games and movement activities.

Performance Experiences

Enrichment assemblies bring further depth and richness to the curriculum. Kindergarten presents a program filled with music and drama for their grandparents and friends on Grand Buddies Day, in honor of the very special bond that exists among the generations. They are also featured in the Earth Day Assembly, where they sing and present several poems honoring our earth. The intermediate grade levels, through spring presentations, highlight their sister country connection and educate the student body and visitors about their country's culture. First grade celebrates the Chinese New Year, second grade shares about several festivals of Japan, third grade tells about England's rich history, and fourth grade presents a Mexican fiesta of song, dance, and storytelling.

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