Dance and Movement Program

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul” -Martha Graham
Dance and movement at Laurence is a significant part of the overall curriculum, as it is a vital exploration into body awareness and self-confidence. Our program combines the power of non-verbal communication, artistic process, and embodied creative action. Our students develop self-awareness and recognition of their unique attributes through experiential learning. Dancing isn’t just about the steps and the music. It’s a perfect combination of physical activity, social interaction, and mental stimulation. It enhances an appreciation of cultural heritage, develops healthy work habits, and sets a steady foundation for creative expression while fostering an interest in the performing arts.

K-3 Dance Curriculum

Our Kindergarten through third graders attend dance on a regular basis. Students perform developmentally appropriate movements to enhance their motor skills and muscle memory. They are taught specific skills that correlate with a wide variety of subject matter and are given the freedom to also use their own imagination to explore the innovative nature of the arts. Exposure to different styles of dance allows each child to explore their inner self and creates an atmosphere for freedom of expression and creativity.

4-6 Dance Curriculum

Our fourth through sixth graders also attend dance on a regular basis. Students will be taught skills and combinations and will be able to use their creativity to choreograph some of their own movements to be incorporated into class activities and performances. Through dance, students have a unique means of expression that captures their passions and emotions and allows them to explore ideas, subject matter, and culture in delightfully different ways. Throughout the year they will explore many types of dance and be exposed to a variety of movement activities that allow them to create different shapes and stories while using their bodies.

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