Visual Arts

Students at Laurence experience the visual arts as an integral part of their curriculum. Our program fosters creativity and risk-taking, and supports learning by providing children with tangible means of interacting with academic lessons and expressing themselves.

The visual arts are incorporated into the school day, both in the classroom and during dedicated art classes. Electives and after school classes in art instruction give more time to students who want to further explore their interests.

Art Gallery Student Work Online

Art Curriculum

Laurence’s art curriculum provides opportunities for students to play with a variety of media forms. Classes include instruction in painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, collage, and crafts.

As students progress through the grades, they are introduced to a wide variety of materials, including: tempera, acrylics, watercolor, clay, pastels, textiles, and more. Each year, they reinforce and strengthen previously learned skills, as they acquire new techniques.

Students also study modern and classical art history, create projects in the styles of famous artists or modeled after period art, and study different cultures' artwork as part of our Global Garden Education Program.

Art & Academics

Visual arts are woven into Laurence' curriculum and integrated with with social studies, science, the language arts, and Spanish.

  • Art and literature units expose our lower elementary children to the relationship between illustration and words.
  • Third Grade students draw important landmarks in their sister country of Great Britain.
  • Fifth Grade students make pillows imprinted with wood block images modeled after traditional African designs as part of their African study unit.
  • Fourth Grade students draw imagined cities as part of their study of government.