Laurence School gives children an unparalleled foundation for success in academics and life.

What is a Laurence education?

  • Educating the "Total Child," focusing not only on academic learning, but also on social, emotional and physical development

  • Engaging students to promote active learning through experiential projects, collaboration with classmates, real-world discovery, and learning activities tailored to age-level development

  • Learning in small, flexible groups for math and reading allowing children to work beyond and at grade level, and to move up when needed

  • Emphasizing a conceptual understanding of subjects and problem-solving for deeper learning
  • Developing students' empathy, resiliency, and leadership through our Represent the "L" Character Education Program

  • Creating a diverse and inclusive educational experience to broaden students' perspectives

  • Learning through a curriculum that is constantly evolving and innovating to keep Laurence at the forefront of elementary education