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Introducing the Online Art Gallery

We are excited to announce the opening of the Laurence Student Online Art Gallery! Through this website, you will be able to view our students' finished artwork and read about their art projects. View student artwork and project descriptions in the "Student Portfolio" section and see photos of our students at work in the "Art Studio" section. Click here to view the gallery.

The link to this online gallery can also be found on the Parents page of our website and in the @Laurence section behind the Parent Portal.

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Global Perspectives: Armenia

Last week our students had the opportunity to learn about Armenia during our final Global Perspectives talk this year. The children learned that the small, land-locked, mountainous country has a varied and rich background. Even though Armenia recently celebrated 25 years of independence from the former Soviet Union, we learned that there are more Armenians outside of Armenia than in the country, mainly due to the Armenian diaspora. Armenia was the first country to have Christianity as its national religion and was also part of Silk Road, an ancient network of trading route. The students were treated not only to a lovely, sweet, Armenian pastry called "nazook," but were also treated to a musical solo by one of our students, Eric, who played the shvi and duduk, two types of Armenian flutes. Thank you to the Avedissian and Vartany families for this terrific presentation! Click here for a link to photos from the presentation.

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MOMentum Event Performance by Chase Woolner

Laurence faculty member Chase Woolner recently performed a puppetry act at Will Geer's Theatricum Botanicum for a special Mother's Day performance called "MOMentum Place." The show is an annual production that combines dance, music, aerial, and circus performers. It is themed as a "rustic" Cirque du Soleil and includes a Mother's Day brunch. Mr. Woolner opened the performance with a puppet act greeting attendees as they took their seats, some of whom were Laurence families. A fun time was had by all! For information about upcoming events at this venue, click here and look at the left navigation panel.

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